Tuesday, May 3 2016

We All Do This!

We all know that watching TV is one of the activities that are most done worldwide and the most enjoyable in all families, no matter the country.

There is no shortage of the day you arrive from school or work and you watch TV, and we know how important that is, and is that television is a massive means that allows us to release from stress, and above all does not serve entertainment In the free time, so we decided to recommend the best website to watch live TV from the PC, and most of them offer excellent quality but it is worth noting that the quality of the video will always depend on our internet connection.

The best that I can do and with much love from cricfree for all and that can take advantage of the benefits offered by the internet. I hope you like reading what I write today and always #cricfree remember you can follow me on twitter.

Friday, April 1 2016

The Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Homepage

These pages are devoted to the most loathed, most criticized, and yet most watched television pr gramme seen all over Europe every year - The Eurovision Contest!

It regularly pulls in 600 Million viewers all puzzled by the strange idea of an International popular song contest, but eager to get past the sometimes odd songs to the voting, where each country gets to vote points for their favorite songs, other than their own nation's.

These pages relive the glories of the recent and distant past when we Europeans were glued to our TV sets in millions wondering whether the group in penguin suits would win, or whether the Irish song could lose.